KITCAT Software fuer Betriebskueche Gemeinschaftsverpfleger Catering
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    KitCat 365 ist sold and implemented via our growing partner network. KitCat 365 partners have a long history within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and a clear understanding of your needs.

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    KITCAT software for commercial kitchens and catering
    Optimize the management of your commercial kitchen – individually and flexibly

    With KITCAT, there are no boundaries to the management of your commercial kitchen. Optimize daily processes with an industry-specific software offering functionalities for all management areas of your commercial kitchen – starting with an advanced order management, an efficient planning of meals considering allergens and nutritive values, an exact planning on the basis of individuals, groups or single portions, the delivery right up to a detailed calculation and invoicing. KITCAT offers extensive modules, which are available individually or as a package perfectly serving your specific requirements.

    KITCAT Software fuer Betriebskuechen

    Optimize daily processes in your commercial kitchens and canteens using KITCAT. Schedule, produce and distribute meals considering allergens and nutritive values on the basis of groups or single portions including on-the-fly cost calculations and flexible invoicing. Read more about KITCAT for commercial kitchens.

    KITCAT Software fuer Gemeinschaftsverpflegung

    Stay flexible in the daily organization of your public catering using KITCAT. Take your customers’ orders via an online system and schedule meals considering absences (e.g. holidays, etc.), allergens and nutritive values even on the basis of single portions. Read more about KITCAT for public catering.

    KITCAT Software fuer Seniorenheime Krankenhaeuser

    Ideally supply customers with the need of specific nutrition using KITCAT. Consider intolerances, allergies and diets when planning meals due to a dynamical calculation of allergens and nutritive values thus creating optimized menus for your patients. Read more about KITCAT for retirement homes and hospitals.

    KITCAT Software für Essen auf Rädern

    Ideally supply customers at home using KITCAT. React to intolerances, allergies and diets with an efficient planning of meals considering allergens and nutritive values. Distribute meals based on an optimized tour plan and bill your customers flexibly. Read more about KITCAT for meals on wheels.

    KITCAT Software fuer Catering

    Optimize processes during your events using KITCAT. Manage external and internal resources and plan meals on the basis of events, groups or even individuals. Create pre- and post-calculations based on articles, resources and additional purchases. Read more about KITCAT for catering.

    KITCAT individuelle Software fuer Kuechenorganisation

    With KITCAT, there are no boundaries to the management of your commercial kitchen. You can combine all KITCAT packages individually to perfectly serve your specific requirements (e.g. airline/railway catering) and to optimize daily processes in and around your commercial kitchen.