KITCAT Software fuer Betriebskueche Gemeinschaftsverpfleger Catering
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    KitCat 365 Sales & Implementation Partner

    KitCat 365 ist sold and implemented via our growing partner network. KitCat 365 partners have a long history within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and a clear understanding of your needs.

    Amathan GmbH
    Grabengasse 3
    2325 PellendorfAustria
    T +43 (0) 676 6750 695

    konzeptwerk GmbH
    Ungelsheimer Weg 14
    40472 Düsseldorf
    T +49 211 93671120

    Wissberg Dynamics GmbH
    Neue Jülicher Straße 60
    52353 Düren
    T +49 2421 305 95 30

    Distribution Partner USA

    eSoftware Professionals
    1980 Festival Plaza Drive, Suite 300
    Las Vegas, NV 89135-2930
    T +1 503 608 3601

    Wissberg Dynamics AG
    General-Guisan-Str. 6
    CH-6300 Zug
    T +41 41 711 94 75

    KITCAT Software fuer Betriebskueche Gemeinschaftsverpfleger Catering
    KITCAT and Office 365 – What is Office 365?

    The integration of our KITCAT software for commercial kitchens and catering with Office 365 is very valuable in daily business. Microsoft Office 365 offers the possibility to use familiar tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Exchange, etc. as an online version as well as SharePoint (intranet, extranet, document management), Skype for Business (chat, video telephony) and Yammer (social corporate network) whenever and wherever you want. Installations, updates and data synchronization are automatically executed in the background. Files, e-mails, the calendar and contact information are available every time and anywhere and can be shared with internal as well as external persons. In today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world, the solution guarantees a continuous user experience form desktops to mobile devices. If you decide to use both, KITCAT and Office 365, this brings along many additional benefits for your daily business, dependent on what Office 365 subscription you choose.

    Benefits of using KITCAT together with Office 365

    Access to familiar Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) anytime and anywhere

    Business e-mail and calendar (e-mails with your company name, storage, etc.)

    Management and archiving of documents in SharePoint and KITCAT

    Document sharing

    Online/offline access to KITCAT reports which have been stored in Office 365

    Printing of KITCAT reports in Word and Excel

    Creation of Office 365 charts with KITCAT data

    Creation of intranets

    Chat and video telephony

    Automatic installation, updates and data synchronization

    Are you interested? Contact us!
    Are you interested? Contact us!